Sunday, July 8, 2007

well, this is my design for the water spirit. I enjoyed designing her sooo much. I'm still wroking on her and need to modify the water some. The line quality is definetely not something that i want, but dont worry it will get fixed. I had a HORRIBLE problem! went to mexico without pit pens!!!!!! i know i know! i almost died! but dont worried, right now im in california and am going to get some!! yeyy!!!! anyway, the water needs alot of work. I got this cool japanese water examples and i am going to spend some time working with it. Im having a blast! Ilike the tones but i think that the water could worked more.

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REM-Brant said...

nice work Scarlet. There's some good stuff going on here. You've done some great variety of big-small-medium shapes in the water--it'd be nice to see more of that in the actual figure. Also, some of the water splashes give the impression that it's fire, so the choice of water strokes needs a little more clarity.