Monday, July 9, 2007

The stuff I didn't post last week

ah I have not posted yet so I should get started on that. I was over at my Great-Great StepStep Grandpas family reunion last week, where I discovered I have second cousins are Irani. Heck yes. Back to the subject, hopefully I can get this post up without my tablet crashing my computer. Ever since I've come back from Cali its been super pissy. I don't think it liked being alone.

Ah! My computer just crashed and deleted everything I had down on this post!

Well...So I knew there was an assignment of backgrounds and the master. Didn't know about the mom because of the issues I have with going on my computer now. So are we done completely with the master? because I have stuff, but I don't want to mess with the system if you already have a character down. Tell me if I should just post it anyways.

Now I guess the water spirit design is still up in the air. This is the dragon I was thinking about. Ignore the part with the ax where the water is not pretty. I forgot to photoshop that out.

I was messing around with landscaping and so here's a landscape thumb with teirs involved...but it has about four mountains instead of one, so I'm thinking I'll have to revamp it maybe. What if the different levels of society were on different mountains?

As for the story, its definately way more polished than it was a week or so ago. I like it a lot more every time it changes. Is it getting storyboarded right now? I feel like the beginning of the story had so many scene change descriptions, as if you guys already had it down.

I've tried to catch up, but I may have missed stuff. Hopefully I'm not repeating anything with my comments. One thing that isn't a huge deal but confused me a little is the part with the money bag where the money flies out of it and dissapears. I'm thinking, because there's so many other 'magical' things going on in this story with the crazy mountains and the water spirit, that the bag could be misinterpreted as a magical bag instead of a time lapse shot. It makes it seem like they got screwed over with leprachaun money or something. Maybe instead if the scene ended with the bag and it fades to a later scene where the mother exchanges the last penny for an octopus or something and the boy is inspired take some initiative and find a job transitioning to him in the market place.
And thats all I got.


- eric said...

i agree with you on the money - seems kinda dopey to have it just flying out... i envisioned the boy's hand and the mom's hand reaching in various times in a lapse time thing and have the bag diminish

i was working on some concepts that i haven't finished of the different levels of society on different mountains as well... each city at the top of a mountain, but then as the society's get fancier, then the mountains get larger - it seemed kinda less of a 'navajo mud house star wars' way of doing it

Jake said...

Rachel, the background there is COOL, girl. Way to be. I like the graceful simplicity of it (something we need more of) and the composition.

- eric said...

ps: the images don't display for me :(

REM-Brant said...

Wow. Nice. The top drawing (the spirit design) is a little unclear and hard to read, but it's really really fun to look at, so kudos. Same goes for your mountain: everything is a little vague, but perhaps that's what works for it.