Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Another idea

Ok, I agree with Jake about this all kind of getting out of control...not that designs are getting out of control, they are all lovely, they really are, and I think we should do exactly what he said in keeping all of the styles the same and in designing casts, but I have an addition to that post, which is just an idea until I have some feedback.

I think we should vote. Each and every single post or character design should be voted on. Rule. You can't vote on your own. We use a ten scale. One being the lowest and ten being the highest. A three is a three on the ten scale and a one is a one, we can escape using hurtful words this way and we can kill ideas by giving zeros to them. (as a note I don't think anyone has said anything hurtful, but this is a little less confusing than writing paragraphs about things and then having people wonder if you really think we should use it in the film or if you are being polite).

If something gets a consistantly low score (below 5) and is given this score more than three times, chances are we don't even want to elaborate on the idea. I think tens should be saved for finished designs and that nines should mean we by all means would like to further develope the characters.

This means everyone should comment on each post with a single number. This way we know what to develop further and what to drop all together. For example;

Turtlecity: 0
Original Boy design: 9
Simini's wounded tiger: 9
Jake's most recent mother posts: 9

This means, obviously, turtle city is dead and the rest I strongly think we should develop into finished designs...

Tell me what you guys think


Anthony Holden said...

A point scale is brief and to the point. However, it couldn't hurt to elaborate on why you make the point assignments you make. This will make it clear as to what everyone thinks should be in the film and not. I'm in support of this idea. I will second the original boy design (though we'll still need to de-Disney him a little). I'm excited to see everyone's new designs and see how the point scale works out.

Simini said...
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Rachel J said...

It makes sense to me to vote w/ a number--if only Blogger had some type of poll system where you can vote at the end of an entry and see whats been added up quickly and painlessly. But I definately think that it deos no good to comment without a constructive critizism to help things get better. Numbers say to change it but don't say how.

Simini said...

I'm not sure voting would be the best way go about this... people might get upset if their designs get assigned a 3 -it seems a lot more harsh than just stating an opinion. We might start getting numbers and not opinions.. which probably isn't the most helpful feedback and could be discouraging. Not everyone will "grade" the same way- you really wouldn't now how people measure things (does that make any sense?). Art is so very subjective, it doesn't really lend itself to a quantitative scale (we've all experienced that in classes I'm sure). opinions and suggestions are what's really helpful in the creative process. Perhaps people should just be more clear and contstructive and less polite for politness's sake. If you don't mean it, or you don't think that it shoul dbe used in the film, then don't post like you do.

Plus... we aren't exactly a demoncracy... not a totalitarian system either... but not a democracy...

- eric said...

i agree with rachel j and simini in contra the number system... it is definitely an interesting idea, but i don't think it's quite what we're going for - i can imagine myself hating everyone that gives me a low number (i lack that thing... what's it called?..... oh right. christ-like love.) i agree that we stick with constructive criticism... and if anyone gives me a number. i kill them. jk!...... but really i will.