Friday, July 6, 2007

Background experiment

It;s not really what I was going for... but it's what came out so I figured i'd put it up anyway... playing with using washes and india ink.

I was thinking maybe the begining could start withthe bamboo really close up on all fromes and then zoom through middle ground until you see the mountains in the background, and then you could zoom in close to the mountain. But the foreground could stay in the side panels... though these are rather pathetically painted. But for an idea anyway.


Jake said...

Man. I hate it when you show me up and PAINT stuff with your PAINTS and your BRUSHES and your TALENT. Freak.

That being said, I LIKE the colors, I like the mood, and I like that the central panel is wider than the other two. Methinks that's both more interesting and functional than three panels of equal size.

More points to Simini.

Simini said...

yay points!

And I think that we could shrink and expand the panels horizontally depending on what we needed, sometimes equal, sometimed not... but someone said they do something like that on 24 and we'd need to make sure that it didin't look like that. But I think it could be really sweet compositionally. More confusing to board though... good luck with that.