Tuesday, July 10, 2007

O.K. heres those boards I was working on. If there are still some turtle lovers out there you will like these. I did the turtle boards sometime last week before the turtle haters made their comments. Anyway, I dont think they would be hard to do and I think they would add an extra amount of interest to them, but I'll drop it if no one else likes it.

The film starts out in complete white and fades into this scene showing the turtes walking around with cities on their backs. the camera zooms in on the middle one as it slowly pans down.

The camera goes into another cloud and fades to white.

When the camera comes out we are closer up on the bottum tier where the camera begins to pan up the city.

The camera stops when it gets up to where the boy lives and the story begins.

One of the battle flashes.

Show the boy leaving the turtle to go to another trtle or the main land across a bridge. A bird of prey flies overhead.

The boy takes one more sad look behind him to see his mom. He knows its going to be a while before he sees her again.

There are two men with axes waiting at the other end who move aside and then cuts the ropes when he is all the way across.

The boy knocking on the door of the grumpy man.

his reflection

dads reflection

uh oh!

shadow of the serpent spirit.

pan up on the serpent.

I kind of like the turtle idea because turtles kind of represent a home anyway. Plus I think it is better if our hero actually has to remove himself from his original environment as part of his journey. I think it makes him more alone which could add to the unfair life he has been dealt. I think it is better if he has to live with the man and dosent go home to his mom every night.


Jake said...

Ron. I like the turtles. I do. I like your drawings. There will be no turtles in the film, and this is why:

1- It's distracting and superfluous

2- We have enough to try and get across without having our audience wondering what this turtle thing is about and trying to put it in context all the time.

3- BECAUSE I really like the turtle idea, I think it could really be cool and developed into another story altogether, maybe a comic thing or just some really cool gallery art or illustration. I'd like to be a part of that if it happens. But I just don't feel it blending with the story-just confusing it.

- eric said...

i only like turtles because they are ninjas and not samurai - but i agree: interesting concept but a little distracting from the story...

REM-Brant said...

Awesome battle flash boards. And I love the idea of the boy seeing the master behind him in the sword's reflection. Classic!

Okay, no turtles bearing up the world...but can we STILL have the water spirit turtle? Pleeeeaaase...that doesn't need anymore explaining than a flowy woman spirit or water dragon spirit would...

Anthony Holden said...

I think these are some great boards. I'm gonna have to say no to the idea of the boy going to another mountain. If we can successfully design a tiered mountain system, that should effectively portray the separation of the boy from his home below, & the up/down movement also represents the difference in social strata.