Thursday, July 12, 2007

mommies and draperies

My computer was pretty nice today, only crashed once while putting together this entry. Someone mentioned they couldn't see my pictures last time--is the problem because I use Photobucket to store my pictures? If so, how can I change that, because I'm pretty new to in this is my second post using blogger.

Anyways, the good thing about missing a lot of time on this blog because the internet in my house is lame is that now I know I have a lot of stuff I don't even have to show you pertaining to the master anymore. Since y'all are narrowing down on a face (and my master face looks a lot of the same with bigger ears is all), I started looking around at costuming, and I simplified a getup I found on an old Japanese painting. (sorry if some of these are huge. I think it's photoshop thats crashing my computer, and I went back and made some smaller before it crashed, and I just don't want to go back again to finish the job.)

I was looking for a way to add the tiger into his clothes, so I liked the stripes down the middle and the stripes at his long sleeves. The over-tunic (or whatever you call it) reminded me of some white trash vest from the 80's, complete with rockin shoulders. He has a white trash attitude so I jumped on it. Also, for some reason I think all cats should dress like the 80's with big shoulders, maybe its because of too much thundercats and Andrew Lloyd Webber. Yet, what it deos is give the Master a belly thats a different color than the rest of him, much like a cat deos. That and the tail down the front makes...a tail.

It deosn't include showing the feet, which I thought would be an upside for the animation simplicity...but then again it has a lot of lines. Should I look at stuff more simple than this? I only took 160 a year ago, and even when I was animating myself I put too many lines on my characters. Which sucked. Anyways, I gestured it a few times so you can tell me what you think for when I go back to my costuming research.

PS the right torso on there is way too high. Like a woman. In fact the entire pose is like a woman. oops.

I also have some emo mommies!

Playing around with her sadness, I put hair over one eye and felt like she shouldn't ever really look up. I played around with the skinniness and whether or not she should have bags under her eyes.
I was trying out this thing they do in asian paintings where women's dresses do these folds at the bottom and bunch up, but I don't think it worked out too hot here. I eventually stopped doing it so if you see it again I'm sorry.

PPS explain to me blogger: how can I go back and edit an old entry if I have a nasty mispelling or something?


- eric said...

i am assuming that you are posting the images in a mac image format - try saving them and posting them as jpg's: after reading what you said about them i am way psyched to see them...

when you sign into blogger, on the page that says the different blogs that you are a member of you should be able to click a little link right next to 'fable film' that says 'posts' - and then there is an option to edit the ones that you posted

Anthony Holden said...

These mother designs are fabulous. I like the idea of covering her feet. However, I think the master's feet should be showing. Though I do agree that we should try to simplify designs to make animating an easier task. We can't make them too complex, but at the same time we can't have them too simple. Why is simplifying so difficult?

Jake said...

Man, I LOVE your master. So much wieght and movement! So much POWER on that stick!!! Way to rock the assignment. I'd like to see, if you can, some more devlopment of that design. It's powerful, and if we could solidify it... it rocks. It just rocks.

MrSuspenders said...

I like the size of the fabric on the antagonist. It makes him seem grander and more terrible.

I'm not sure if this film is supposed to be chinese or just Asian culture. Kimono's, I think, were just worn by Japanese women.

Simini said...

I like the ideas for the costume- trying to incorporate details like stripes is really cool, and I like the idea of making him have a broader, more powerful build... but the clothes right now kind of make it look like he has feminine anatomy... so I would just be careful about how much you emphasize the gathering at his waist... And, yeah, I think we were going for China... but I'm not sure how particular we're being...