Thursday, July 5, 2007

Mac is back, we're in business.

Having retrieved my luggage, here is some crap I should've posted AGES ago.

This is what I did on an airplane while Simini was doing her master drawings. Same idear, diff'rent take. pardon the webcam.

These are some faces and a chick that I sketched in San Fran. They're s'posed to be studis for master, mom, and dad respectively.


- eric said...

i haven't finished the story yet but i love it

llharris said...

bottom most drawing looks like it would be perfect for the mother. I don't know if you wanted her to be older, but the bottom most lady with her hair back looks like a beautiful but modest mother, a younger widow would mean she was in greater need of support, because she has a lot longer to live alone and people way back when didn't usually get married again all too was pretty much tough luck if the husband didn't have a brother who could take her in (or she didn't have parents to go back to

Simini said...

I like your master design... I can't wait to see you more recent ones.

As far as the mother goes... I've been looking at some Chinese art books and women are pretty much always protraed a lot rounder in the face... everoyone is portrayed as rounder in the face, generally. Are we still going for trying to make this kind of sumie style? Though I do like the emotion and general vibe, i guess, of the drawing... It does remind me of how the mother should be.

llharris said...

hey, the chick at the bottom, you didn't happen to get her number did you?

Jake said...

Levi, I can't remember HOW many times we looked at each other walking around the Bay area and said "Man, if Levi could see this..." I've got some more Far East Cuties in my sketchbook that I'll show you when I get back to P-Town, you scalliwag, you.