Tuesday, July 3, 2007

More Master

Here are some terribly rough master designs... We were talking on the San Francisco trip and Jake described the master as a wounded tiger (which will make a lot more sense when the story changes are posted). Anyways, I tired to make his facial structure tiger-like. Here's the reference I used

And here are the sketches:

I now thes are way too detaile dbut it help to have at least something to simplify from... I want to do a cleaner design tomorrow, so comments welcome!


Jake said...

I like. I like the form, especially the nose. I think that he could be more fluid in his design (like a tiger), and that his posture could be more menacing.I think you've got a REALLY good start and hope that you develop that particular design. It's pretty much what I had in mind. Would you care if I did some spinoffs of it as well?

Simini said...

Not at all- that's the point isn't it? so spin off, my friend.

I agree he needs to be more fluid, especially to fit with the style that were going for. But he should probably have more straights than any of the other characters, bacause straights can convey more harshness and it might be nice contrast.

Jake said...