Sunday, July 1, 2007

simple boy's house

i like the idea of the house being next to some sort of water source - i played around with the house being on the edge of a cliff with some steps that led down a river, but i really liked the flow of the river coming right out of the two mountains... one smooth motion. i kinda played around as well with the mountain turning into bamboo on the other side to keep that same smoothness factor: i'm personally less and less a fan of the little houses in the back the more i look at it, but i wanted some way to convey that they were part of a city, albeit somewhat secluded


action007 said...

The house by the water is a great idea, but the houses in the background just look like a distraction to me. I'd rather see the family as a quiet, simple, secluded, and forgotten part of society, instead of tying them to a city.

Jake said...

Good call putting the house by water. I think if we use some of the same effects animation for the water that we use for the spirit, we can create kind of a theme. Way cool.