Wednesday, July 4, 2007


Okay. My computer is in my bag at an airport in Jackson. I'm in Hattiesburg. I flew in to New Orleans. It's two in the morning. As soon as I get ahold of my scanner/computer/digitalcamera or ANYTHING, I'll post my #)(*@_*)(#$ master drawings that I've been working up. As soon as I get some sleep, I'm gonna call the folks I need to call and send everyone a copy of the revised treatment.

The treatment is gonna be kind of like a script. With no dialogue. You all get to read it (I'll email it), and we'll have a copy up on the blog for everyone. EVERYONE is invited to comment, make suggestions, etc. All suggestions will be considered and addressed. NOT all suggestions will be taken or used. Do not get bent out of shape about this. We'll probably go through this process a few times with revisions. When I feel like the treatment is done, I will post the final, and that's what we'll work from and what will eventually be our real, actual film. From the treatment we will board and design. This is a REALLY UNIQUE opportunity to influence the film, and I hope you all GRAB it.

I'm really sorry about doing all this from the road and losing my stuff all over the place. I suck at travel.


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Simini said...

ahh... Poor Jake. You do not have the best of luck, do you? I hope you can fid all of your stufff. Let me know if there is anything i can do.