Friday, July 6, 2007

I should probably only post stuff of a higher quality, but I wanted to get some ideas out there. These lanterns are from Chinatown, and I would like to see some of the design elements therein represented (the red, the tiled roof look, the inset patterns, etc) in the backgrounds we put out. there is also this SUPER quick sketch of how the mountain could be composed. I'm gonna be traveling all day tommorrow, so I won't be able to throw down much at all on the blog, or respond to much in general. Just a heads up.


Simini said...

I like the mountain.. a lot different than what I was thinking but I htink I like it better... new design to play wiht. woot.

llharris said...

but think about economics and history and metropolis (black and white silent film in general), if we want the master to represent the elite class we need to make everything below him larger (there are a lot more aflicted and middle class than there will ever be elite....of course the way you have it now makes sense because the elite has more property than everyone else put together (because essentially he owns everyone)but I think the afflicted should be way more crowded and stuffy and maybe more populated than everyone else put together (if they represent the poor class...cause thats just the way the world is, the bottom tier is always the most populated)

But yeah, I love it