Friday, July 13, 2007

this is for eric

So I checked and they are PC Jpegs, so that deosn't seem to be the problem, so I've posted a little flower but this time I did it through blogger (once I figure that out.)

Hm...I think blogger just shrinked it to a low quality...I guess I'll see when I post. Can you see both a flower and a butterfly? They should be two pictures uploaded different ways. kinda weird because blogger wants me to use it as a link instead of a IMG SRC which...anyways, we'll see.


- eric said...

awwww. you posted a flower for me. tender. but i cannot see the butterfly :( single tear.
i just had a friend get on their computer, copy the images, and then send them to me from before - so don't worry about reposting them

Rachel J said...

actually...I just realized I posted two flowers. my bad