Tuesday, July 17, 2007

composition stuff

here's some weird landscape ideas I had. I was wondering what you guys thought. I've been messing around with the social layers of the mountain thing, trying to make an interesting composition, and just started playing around with guash and this weird Chinese "Guash" paper that's sort of a long story (and unfortunately isn't good for guash at all and has this weird circle texture.) That and I'm sorry about my camera. I take pictures in the middle of the day without my flash so that its not overexposed, but unfortunately it came out underexposed today. I'll come across a scanner eventually for all this stuff. That and I paint better than this...on almost every other type of paper. If I work the Xue Shuan too much it starts dissolving on me, haha. It was a struuuuuggle

There's this island idea where they could build off of eachother in some fantastical way. Only prob is that it looks like a pirate island. yar. This might be drawn out, but it was designed to look something like the dragon river spirit. The fog needs help, too. I drew it on sort of half hazardly because it was a thumbnail, and I have a tendency to do weird skies on thumbnails. I don't know why.

Then I thought about pirates of the Carribean, and about how the most recent one starts off in Thailand or something, and the whole city was actually built on the water on stilts instead of on land. I thought "hey, what if the poorest levels was on water in a bay, with the richer areas literally rising above and around them?" So I've got this thumbnail to sort of visualize whats goin down. Hopefully it makes sense.

That or it could just be a simple mountain, but there's this part of me that just can't do that. I tried to do that...but then made it floating. Like this.

Then I remembered they already did something like that on Star Wars. (also, the colors on this are...so different than they are right now. I leveled it but there's only so much you can do, that and apparently whats normal on my monitor is sort of yellow on all elses.)

Another weird idea--I remember this book on pictures of China I had at home, and this one village was on a mountain so steep that it looked like it was built into the mountain, a lot like the Native Americans did down in Four Corners (but on the base instead of the top of the cliff.) I was thinking that it appeared so cramped and busy with the houses piled on eachother like that, it would be good for a marketplace or poorer situation where things are stressfull and ... busy. Just a random idea. Plus, there are those huge statues carved into Mountains down in China, and you could stick a couple in the backgrounds to look pretty.


Jake said...

The one on top is way cool, and my favorite. I like your designs for clouds, and totally dig on the painting in general.

MrSuspenders said...

The top one is a great design. I like that you turned it into a arch. Good thinking.