Monday, July 2, 2007

River spirit

Obviously, there are some major issues with the way she is dressed (I want her bottom half to be shrouded in a whirl of water, similar but not set to a mermaid's tail, tapering down into the water. Also, no cleavage and hopefully some sort of baggy Chinese kimono...of course I want her to have a beatiful figure, I don't want her to be dressed like a slut though...anyways, I will draw it instead of writing about it I guess, tell me what you think as soon as you can and PLEASE someone else, if you've got any improvments draw em (please).


- eric said...

i didn't know that you guys were going to stop by a strip joint on the sketchbook trip... niccccce.

Jake said...

The drawings you posted have pretty good form, Levi.

Ryan suggested that we try drawing the river spirit as something nonhuman; a turtle, frog, fish, or something. Even if you don't like the idea, it might help you loosen up and lose the cheerleader look a bit.