Friday, June 22, 2007

Oh, the meeting.

Bald boy LIVES!!!

This is incomplete, but I felt the need to post SOMETHING. I mean, LEVI, that showboat, has his friggin' animatic up.

So we had our first and only meeting of the Summer today. For those of you who missed it, THIS is the pertinent information that you need. I'm looking at YOU, Anthony and Ron. "I'm getting six wisdom teeth removed!" "I have to work to support my family!" WHATEVER. I've had enough of your sniveling excuses. Anyway, the information.

THIS SUMMER: We need concept art. Everyone who has publishing permission on the blog, PLEASE POST WEEKLY. The film will only rock as hard as the designs we pump out this summer... so let's own it. Let's work it.

IN PREPERATION FOR THE FALL: If you want to animate, then start drawing off of Yang's model sheet (first post). If you want to do background work, then check out books on sumi-e and get crackin'. Watercolor is the word. We'll be posting more about that.

Email me with questions.

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