Thursday, June 21, 2007

a couple two tree backgrounds

here are some quick backgrounds that i whipped up - we are looking for simple things because we are gonna go through and make them watercolor soft soft soft soft looking... you may be able to tell from my clever labeling that the boy walks from the right panel to the left: as he comes over the first hill his head will disappear completely, then him as a big fat head will appear as he walks into the bamboo - and as he comes out of the bamboo into the 3rd panel he'll still be a big fat head (the path is heading the wrong direction [it needs to head from the bamboo towards the bridge]) then he'll once again disappear altogether and appear small as he comes into view on the cliff as he nears the bridge - in the last panel that bottom spike thinger is a river. yeah. neat. reading this entire post has probably been less fulfilling than you hoped. eh, too bad. shout out once again to myself for my clever labeling.

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