Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Challenge O' The Week!!!!


This week's assignment:


--The boy's home and surrounding terrain.


--The wicked evil master dude.

These are some of Simini's paintings from our sketchbook trip. They're not 'backgrounds for the film' per se, but more like nature studies done in her own style. Style after form. So NONE of these are supposed to be finished designs, just some research we've been doing...

This is Will's

These are my own sad attempts...


Anthony Holden said...

These are some great watercolors. My first suggestion would be the simpler the better. It's the tendency of Western artsits to want to describe a lot of details about things with the way we render. In order to achieve a more Eastern feel to this film we will have to be really subtle. Think about using negative space.

Jake said...

Thanks, Anthony.